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I’m in Jane Austen Knits!

There was much joy in my household last Spring, when I got the word that my design had been selected to appear in Interweave’s Jane Austen Knits.

Now that the magazine is about to appear on the shelves, I have been given the OK to go ahead and blog about the design, and blog will!

A Muffler for Mr Woodhouse

A Muffler for Mr Woodhouse

As you can guess – it’s a scarf!  it is actually intended as a man’s scarf, but as there were no available males in the house at photo-taking time, I am standing in.

Muffler - close up

The neat thing about it is that it’s made lengthways, so you can just add on extra rows if you want more of a wrap.  I was thinking of string vests when I designed this (doesn’t everyone), specifically I was thinking about the holes, and how they are used to trap warmth.  I thought that idea would translate very well into a scarf.

The design is actually focused on Mr Woodhouse,  Emma’s father.  He is always wrapped up in shawls, or huddled next to the fire, and I thought that a scarf would come in very handy for him.  The Berocco yarn used is exceptionally soft and light too, and feels lush around your neck.

More info about the magazine can be found at Interweave’s site HERE

Or on the Ravelry page HERE

My first design for Interweave: excited, much?


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